Next Door Cyborg

Cover Next Door Cyborg

Dark Sci-Fi Romance

He wants to know everything.

When my mom sends me to the next-door neighbor to give back some tools my father borrowed, I'm happy to oblige. It's because our neighbor is this handsome older guy and I will gladly take every opportunity to flirt with him. But the man is nowhere to be seen, and instead, I'm confronted with an eight-foot-tall cyborg who has a lot of questions about our neighbor that I really can't answer. The only problem is that Mr. Cyborg doesn't believe me. He's hell-bent on finding out the secrets I'm hiding, and he swears that he won't let me go until he does.

Warning: If being held against your will by a sexy cyborg feels like a nightmare, you should probably put this book down! Unless it sounds like the right kind of nightmare. ;)