The Tedoleran's Bad Intention (Tedolerans 3)

Book Cover The Tedoleran's Bad Intention (Tedolerans 3)


Sneaking through strange alien forests isn’t my favorite pastime. But I’m looking for evidence that it wasn’t the human delegation that had brought the deadly parasite from Jittania Prime to New Terran. I already know where to find the much-needed proof when someone sneaks up on me and captures me.


Being a warrior for so long has heightened my senses. When I smell a female on my land, I immediately know that it’s a trap. It has to be. I’m famous for being the best kloshlu brewer in the entire galaxy. My kloshlu is strong and cheap. But the competition doesn’t sleep. I can’t believe that they would send a human female to spy on me and, even worse, to steal my recipe. Do they really think I would let their little pet leave after I’ve had my taste?

Dark sci-fi romance novella with wildly over-the-top action and an HEA.

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Book Cover The Tedoleran's Bad Intention (Tedolerans 3)
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