Taken By The Feral Tedoleran (Tedolerans 2)

Book Cover Taken By The Feral Tedoleran (Tedolerans 2)


I'm not sure what led me into the seediest of clubs on the outlaw space station Leto 5, but then I see her. The prettiest little human female I have ever set my eyes on. She's gorgeous, and she's also dancing half-naked in a cage on display for everyone. I can smell her sweet scent, and the realization hits me like a punch from a four-armed Boral—the human is about to go in heat. Her body will call to every available Alpha, and there will be bloodbath when all the males try to get to her first. Good thing that I'm here because I can just snatch her away and take her with me. But instead of being thankful and submitting to me, the female is sassy and disobedient and doesn't care that I'm an Alpha…


He's insane. I've been kidnapped by an insane red alien who thinks I'm his property.

Do you like your aliens possessive, growly, and not asking a lot of questions before claiming the heroine? Then you've come to the right place.

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Book Cover Taken By The Feral Tedoleran (Tedolerans 2)
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