Prey For The Tedoleran (Tedolerans 5)

Book Cover Prey For The Tedoleran


Leave Earth and move to New Terran, they said. It will be fun, they said. You know what isn't fun? Being abducted, displayed on an interstellar slave market, and sold to a strange alien guy who tries to feed me dinner that's alive, as in still-wiggling-on-my-plate-alive. Nope. I'm out of here. So I bail—only to find myself in an even worse situation . . .


I did not know humans could talk. I did not know they were highly sought after and expensive. But one look at Kate and her enticing curves and I get it. There is only a tiny problem: her owner paid me to retrieve her, not to keep her. Well, too bad for him, right?

Dark sci-fi romance novella with wildly over-the-top action, a curvy heroine, and an HEA.

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Book Cover Prey For The Tedoleran